The Effects of Social Media on Humans

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Social media has a big effect on humans now in days and what I mean by that is that ppl oops you see what I mean social media has people typing (ppl) for people and typing (dis) for this. Social media is really changing how the way people spell words and its showing how the way people spell on their papers and projects and so on. Facebook and Twitter is the biggest thing out on social media everyone uses them literally every day and it’s taking over people. Basically it’s like its controlling them. I bet if (u) see I did it again. But as I was saying I bet if you take your daughter or your son phones away for just 2 seconds they would flip out. The reason why they would flip out is because they are addicted to the social media. They like to chat with their friends and post pictures and also comment on their friend’s photos. The social media is taking over this world and not just the teenagers are using it a lot it’s also the parents too. You have some adults out there that can’t live without being on the social media because just like the teens they also think that it’s very addicting and it also changing how the way they spell words that’s very shocking don’t (u) you think. According to search engine journal People are spending 1 out of every 7 minutes on Facebook when online. Facebook users are spending 10.5 billion minutes (almost 20,000 years) on the social network. And, that’s not evolving mobile devices. So the social media is very popular as we can see and there is a
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