The Effects of Social Media on a Business

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Social media has greatly changed the way people communicate and interact with one another. There are a variety of social media sites which are used worldwide, such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. This type of communications method is now being used by business in marketing their products.
The fact that many people use social media to discuss their thoughts and views online, has caused business to alter their communications and marketing strategies to better fit the new mean of sending out messages. Social media is presently used in place of the “old-fashioned” marketing tools, such as TV, billboards, radio, etc.
This new process which business use to convey messages and promote ideas or products has formed a collaboration with its
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Electronic media brings people together, when businesses join in on this media they are now in-touch with their customers. They will be able to connect with their audience which will result in customer loyalty, which will give the business an upper hand over potential competitors (Varey, 1999).
Organizations will need to incorporate social media tools into their marketing and communication strategies. Social media will shift the consumers views on the business because they will now be able to spot the degree of openness and responsiveness in the business (Schein, Wilson and Keelan, 2009).
However, in her article How do the most successful companies use social media? (2010), Nora Barnes gives an opposing view on the use of social media by business. While in the short-run a business will gain a fast reputation, it will affect the business in the long-run. She argues that if a business is thought of as an “official” business with high ranking employers and maybe investors, then social media is not the correct marketing tool to be used as it shows a business as being vulnerable, and will not be thought of very highly by its high-ticketed consumers.
Dury (2008) also furthers this argument by stating that marketing is different to social media and that the two should not be mixed. That it ‘destroys social media 's foundations by
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