The Effects of Socio-Economic Status on Students Achievements in Biology

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Nigeria like any other developing countries has witnessed series of political instability with obvious effect on educational policies at federal, state and local government level. This gradually laid the foundation of fallen standard in education at the primary and secondary level which caused differential academic performance of students. In the quest of finding survival feet, the nation has evolved series of socio-economic and educational measures but these have not improved the socio-economic status of families in the country. It’s within this situation that this study examine the correlates of socio-economic status and students achievement in biology in few selected public and
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There are several tropical areas that are most commonly linked to academic performance including student’s role performance factors, school factors, family factors, and peer factors. Students Role Performance (SRP) is how well an individual fulfils the role of a student in an educational setting.

Sex ,race, school effort ,extra-curricular activities ,deviance and disabilities are all-important influences on SRP and have been shown to affect test scores .School environmental factors ,such as school size ,neighborhood, and relationship between teachers and students also influence test scores (Johnson & Elder ,2004).

One’s own family background has also been found to influence a students test scores .research has found out that socio economic status, parental involvement and family size are particular important family factors (Majorbanks,1996)

Peer influences can also affect student performance. Peer pressure and peer conformity can lead to an individual participating in risk- taking behavior which have been found to have negative ,indirect effect on the test scores (santor,2000) .Parental educational level is known as a factor positively related to children’s academic achievement (Kirby & Grissmer, 1994). The family is the main factor influencing the lives and outcomes of students (Okantey, 2008). The educational level of
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