The Effects of Sports Teams and Stadiums on Cities Essay

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The Effects of Sports Teams and Stadiums on Cities What if a tax increase came to a city because of a sports team, would it be alright? Of course not, right? Well, consider being told as a tax payer and being told it will help the economy of city to build a stadium. However, a tax increase is never highly looked upon, and large companies sell extraordinary economic growth, and cannot produce the promise. Area political leaders, local community heads as well as owners of professional sports franchise sometimes claim that a pro sports stadium…show more content…
In the United States, new sports stadiums are commonly seen as a vital part of the redevelopment of a city having a great economic growth with the production of jobs and a positive income builder. After this, the owners of the pro sports teams with millions and millions of dollars of subsidies for the construction of new stadiums and arenas and expect these facilities to generate economic benefits exceeding these subsidies by large margins. However, a growing body of fact indicates that professional sports facilities, and the franchises they are home to, may not be engines of economic benefit anywhere claims Sachse, “. In reality, sports franchises typically account for a very small proportion of the total economic output of the cities in which they reside.” Some economical studies on the amount of income and employment in US cities find no evidence of positive economic benefits associated with past sports facility construction and some studies find that professional sports facilities and teams have a net negative economic impact on income and employment. It just shows that these results suggest that at best, professional sports teams and facilities provide non-pecuniary benefits like civic pride, and a greater sense of community, along with consumption benefits to those attending games and following the local team in the media; at worst, residents
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