The Effects of Stigma and Labeling on Mental Illness Patients and Their Families

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Mental Illness, that name conjures up a vast array of frightening images in the minds of the general public and media; an unfair image that is stigmatizing for the sufferer. The stigma is also pervasive in the mental health field, where patients who receive treatment are sometimes treated unfairly by the practitioners, who are supposed to help them in the first place. This is what my paper will discuss, the effects of stigma and labeling on patients and their families. I have culled many sources from scholarly papers, that back up my claim. I will describe what I thought of about the articles and how they pertain to the main points I am trying to make. In our society today, mental health treatment is considered to be much more humane and …show more content…
The study took opinions from the severely ill and their caretakers, this makes it a accurate study that has good validity. From looking at the study, the number one major concern that the consumers had with the mental health treatments, whether inpatient or outpatient, was the stigma of getting treatment by mental health practitioners and the stigma attached to the labels; both being perpetuated by the general public and the practitioners . I liked how the article talked about how mental health consumers had an income of less than 10,000 and how even though they had someone to take care of them, they still did not have enough money for adequate treatment. This is exactly the point I am trying to make, that adequate mental health treatment is beyond the budget that the average consumer has. The article also talked about how people who are in the public mental health system, had no insurance coverage to get good care; the care they got as described by family members, was like being “stuck in a spider’s web.” (Sharon Bowland., etc all 2010). She brings up a good analogue because she is describing, how being in the public mental health system is filled with stigma and that it takes a lot of effort to get out of it and receive good care. The one

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