The Effects of Technology

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Technology is beneficial and detrimental to society today due to the fact that while it is helping, it also causes harm. It has its pro’s and con’s, like everything in life, yet this is a big deal due to the impact it has on society overall. In my opinion, I feel like this is a fifty-fifty scenario because it is helpful in so many ways, yet harmful in many other ways. To portray this statement further, Hintz, author of “Technology: Beneficial or Detrimental,” demonstrates, “...that technology has many benefits for helping one learn but I also miss the simplicity of hand written papers, letters, ect. A letter from someone used to be very meaningful and it was so nice to see that someone you cared about took the time to write down their thoughts for you. Now email has made these thoughts and messages much less meaningful because we are flooded with email every single day” (Hintz). This conveys and explains the fact that there cannot be a certain side taken because each “side” has such strong defense. It is helpful because it is quick, easy, and reliable, yet it is harmful at the same time because it is becoming too involved in our everyday lives, and people do depend on it too much, and it should not be a necessity but a privilege. All of this evidence clearly supports the fact that technology is very beneficial, however detrimental all in one. In addition to this though, the beneficial portion of technology is very high. In fact, technology is one of the main things
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