The Effects of Teen Pregnancy

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The Effects of Teen Pregnancy Tiffany Laubach Kaplan University CM 220-57 Professor Campos February 12, 2012 The Effects of Teen Pregnancy Are Americans effectively discussing the topic of teen pregnancy? “According to research in 2009 approximately 410,000 births occurred among teens aged 15-19 in the United States of America.” (Razol, Warner, Gavin, Callaghan, Sptiz, Anderson, Barfield, Kahn, 2011, ¶6) Therefore, the United States of America ranks number one among all other countries and teen pregnancy is a vital issue that needs to be dealt with. Many teens today are not aware of how big the responsibility is to raise a child. Raising a child today involves a lot of patience and sacrifices that a teen does not have. Teenage pregnancy…show more content…
While the facts are clear, the issues of teen pregnancy are complicated by our attitudes and behaviors.” (Christensen & Rosen, 1996 ¶ 1) Americans need to step up and get a handle on the issue of teen pregnancy. Television shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom display a message that being a teen parent is easy. However these shows are edited and do not show the everyday effects that it has on teen parents. Americans need to step up and educate teens on how to prevent pregnancy. Abstinence only education is currently not working, therefore we need to educate teens about birth control and how to safely protect themselves when having sex. Educate them on where they can go to receive contraceptives and information on how to use them properly. References Christensen, S., & Rosen, A. (1996). Information About Children & Families. Retrieved from Hoffman, S.D., (2006). By the Numbers: The Public Costs of Adolescent Childbearing. , The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Retrieved from… Kohli, V., & Nyberg , K. (1995, June). Teen Pregnancy Prevention Through Education. Retrieved from Margret, H. (2010). Psychological Effects of Teenage Pregnancy. Retrieved from Teenage pregnancy
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