The Effects of Teen Pregnancy on Children

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Children from homes run by teenage mothers have to face almost insurmountable obstacles in life. The incidents of depression and mental health problems, the lack of father figures, and the high rate of poverty often connected to children in homes run by teenage mothers put them at serious disadvantages when compared to children raised in nuclear families. Many people believe that the implementation of sex education in schools and the addition of more federal aid for single parents are major causes for the country's high rate of teen pregnancies. When the true purpose of sex education and federal aid is to help strengthen the mother and her child so that they can eventually lead productive lives. <br><br>The absence of a father figure in …show more content…
These mothers are only able to give their children the bare minimum for survival. I see this first hand because a lot of people I know currently have Medicaid insurance or at least receive a generous amount of financial aid from the government to attend college here at Aquinas. There are a lot of people who attend colleges all over the country thanks to financial aid and grants. Government aid is good and people who are in need deserve to receive it. After all it is the governments' duty to ensure its people the right to pursue happiness. People should not be denied the chance to get health insurance, financial aid for tuition, decent housing and suitable food to eat because they are poor. <br><br>It seems unfair that these children have to suffer for the mistakes of their parents. Children raised by teenage parents are brought into a highly competitive world where they start life at a handicap. These children are automatically placed in the lower class. This is a powerful term because it encompasses every aspect of these children's lives. From the rat-infested housing where they live to the poorly equipped schools that they attend. Low class is the word that describes their lives and their potential to become productive citizens. <br><br>Most working mothers who have had children too early are not qualified to get high paying jobs; therefore they must support their families with minimum wages and the little bit of
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