The Effects of Tobacco Consumption

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There is presently much controversy regarding tobacco consumption and the effect that it has on first hand smokers and on the world as a whole. While millions of people from around the world are smokers and while the masses are generally familiar with the effects that tobacco has on society, people continue to accept smoking as one of the principal vices that society has to deal with. It is certainly worrying that people are presented with the harmful effects of smoking at a young age and that many come to ignore these effects later in their lives. Addiction and society's pressures influence individuals in expressing little to no interest in their wellbeing and in the wellbeing of individuals around them.
When asking a typical cigarette smoker why he or she took up smoking, he or she is likely to answer by relating to the perceived relaxed condition that smoking inflicts on the consumer. Also, a great deal of individuals come to start smoking because they are pressured by people around them, especially during their adolescence years when they are vulnerable and when they consider that smoking makes a person "cooler". In an attempt to be accepted by a group that they like, adolescents are predisposed to taking on a series of harmful activities, as they are no longer interested in their wellbeing and as they only seek recognition. Parents are also important when considering smokers, as a person whose parents are active smokers is more likely to take up smoking at a certain
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