The Effects of Total Quality Management on Operations Management

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Operations management has been evolving over the past three decades with the introduction of new trends such as total quality management, which attempts to bring best practices to all areas within a company. Operations management can be viewed as encompassing supply chain management, quality management, product and process design, project management, and other topical areas defined as “the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm's primary products and services.” (Petersen, Aase, Heiser, 2011). This paper aims to explore the effect of total quality management in the field of operations management by exploring the cultural value, customer satisfaction and overall operational performance.
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What is important to understand is the relationship of customer relationship management and total quality management allowing for a comprehensive view for companies to understand and anticipate their customer’s needs (Su, Tasi, Hsu, 2010). Through the implementation of a customer relationship management tool, it is expected there will be an increase in customer satisfaction generating “increased word of moth, loyalty, brand value, and so on...” (Tanninen, Pullalainen, Sandstrom, 2010) leading to greater customer retention, increased revenue and also an increase in new customers.
Creating an environment of customer loyalty is essential for the philosophy of total quality management. It is arguable that total quality management is not only a philosophy but also requires there to be an established community or culture for employees. Kumar and Sankaran (2007) views the culture of total quality management that uses “teams, promotes pride in workmanship, drives out fear, allows participative management, promotes leadership in place of supervision and promotes long term orientation among the members of the organization.” Baird, Hu and Reeve (2011) argued in order to successfully implement total quality management philosophy, an organizational culture must take precedence. The total quality management culture reaches further than employees and extends its self to consumers. Taking into consideration an increase in customer satisfaction leads to customer

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