Essay on The Effects of Toxic Gardens

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The Effects of Toxic Gardens The urban family is proud of their immaculate garden and neatly manicured and pristine backyard. They feel proud when guests visit and comment on the vibrant, green grass, the weed free flowerbeds and garden and the lust tomatoes on the vine. It is delightful to watch the children roll around and play on the lawn without worry of them being bitten by ants, fleas or other distasteful insects. Best of all, is the delight of the children when they can pick the vegetables right out of the garden for dinner. The entire family loves the fresh vegetables and prides themselves on having raised the carrots, beans, and tomatoes themselves. Sounds ideal, eh? Alas, reality is the pristine backyard is a veritable toxic…show more content…
Frequently children are poisoned by pesticides. Also, fetuses absorb these toxins in the womb and are extremely vulnerable in this developmental stage. Significant deformities have occurred in fetuses that were exposed to chemicals. Additionally, fetuses that are exposed to toxins found in man made pesticides have sustained damage to their thyroid. This has led to hydrocephalus, seizures, neurological abnormalities and cerebral palsy (Allva, Brock, et al. 3).

To be aware of the dangers of these toxins and to avoid them is monumentally important to the wellbeing of the fetus. By continuing to use pesticides in their gardens and/or not buying or growing organic produce, pregnant women are endangering their unborn child.

Insecticides seem so convenient when raced with an unwanted pest. It is frustrating to share our space with insects that annoy us, damage our gardens and sometimes even seem to "take over" our yards. However, we must consider alternatives to insecticides, which are a toxic substance that can damage the health of humans. Babies have been born with major malformations after being exposed to insecticides (Schardein 600).

Some people feel that the low levels of toxicity involved in the use of these products will not be great enough to have any impact upon their health. The mentality is, "it must be safe, after all it has been tested and allowed to be used by the EPA". However, this is an ignorant assumption. Especially when one
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