Essay on The Effects of Traveling

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The Effects of Traveling


The Effects of Traveling What impacts have globalization on the world? It has opened many different resources to people to know what has happened in many different spots on Earth. It also lets them know more about others around the world. Consequently, people are changed by being interested in learning more about others. Traveling abroad and experiencing different countries and cultures are one of the globalization effects that have influenced people. Reasons for traveling are various. For instance, the businessman who travels for work, the student who travels for study, the scientist who travels for research purposes, and general people who travel to take a vacation and so forth. Whatever the
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In addition, they are more aware and compassionate toward other people around them. On the contrary of people who never leave their country lack an experience of diversity. Also, those base their opinion on a small group of people they have ever come across or on the information they could know from the media (Jane, 2010). For example, those people who believe in the concept that says each family in Saudi Arabia is rich because their country is one of the top petroleum resources in the world while in real life there are a number of family who are not. However, traveling opens their eyes to see and observe the true culture and then they could judge rely on their experience (Jane, 2010). Nowadays, people seem more interesting in travel and learn about other cultures. Because of that they have a live experience and realize the basic real things about cultures. If many people experience others cultures by traveling, they catch the only true customs about other cultures. They can change the wrong and misunderstood ideas about other cultures. For instance, if so many people travel to Muslims countries and recognize their culture they would change, the negative concept that not all Muslims are terrorists (NomadicMatt, 2008, para.8). Hence, they expose the correct image to their society. In addition, this type of society would not have prejudice toward other societies beside they would accept
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