The Effects of Video Game Violence

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When films were first created, they were not always treated as the art form that they're known as today. They were treated as inferior to classic art forms like paintings and music. However, with time films have began to be respected as art and with that, many people analyzre the various ways they effect people. In a mirror image, video games have only been around since the early 1980's having many people believe the same thing that they did when films were first created. What follows is an analysis of how video games affect the end-user i.e. Gamer physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and culturally. First and foremost, the effect on users physically is often the most looked at as excercise and physical activity are often the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. There are several negative physical reactions to vidoe game usage, most of which are rare, while others are exteremly common and dangerous. The amount of occurence is often times hard to determine as their are many different factors that can cause certain problems to development, some are identical or coexist with the actual act of playing video games, causing many similiar issues to develop. One of the first physical problems discovered from using video games were epilectic siezures. Mostly caused by a combination of sleep deprivation, flashing lights, and rapid eye movement, many people in the first generation of video game consoles suffered epiliptec seizures causing many medical officials
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