The Effects of Video Games on Children

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Introduction For more than 30 years, video gaming has been a popular activity amongst many of America’s children. With over $63 billion (Reuters, worth sold each year, video games are here to stay. While much controversy has arisen over the subject, video games have benefited the United States of America and its citizens to a great degree. For example, the military and CIA use gaming to train soldiers (Davidson,, and classrooms use video games to teach students. The potential is infinite. Some studies demonstrate video game usage improves certain mental functions. However, when exposed to violent video games, some people develop to antisocial and aggressive behavior. In order to understand the potential benefits…show more content…
This gives the player the opportunity to command the objects to perform specified tasks. Certain games provide pre-built models of ordinary objects such as boats, planes or houses, allowing the player to mix and match the models on a template to his liking. Players can create anything under the sun. An example of this type of game is the popular online game, “ROBLOX.” “ROBLOX” is one of the most recognized computer games of the decade, with 5.9 million members as of 2010. It provides the user with a software platform full of designing resources such as models, script editors, and pre-designed tools. Video games can be considered as a form of art in themselves, being similar to movies having a moving picture with a story and characters (Palmero, Beneficial Studies One Michigan State University study showed that video gaming improves creative thinking skills. One half of the subjects played video games for a specified period of time, while the other half of the subjects used the internet and cell phones freely. Both groups then were told to draw a picture, which were evaluated on a Torrance Test of Creativity chart.. The experimental group had a higher average creativity score than that of the cell phone/internet group. (CBSNews, There have been other studies supporting the theory that video gaming is beneficial. A recent study from 2009 found that playing “Tetris” can help develop the brain and make it more
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