The Effects of Violence in the Media Essay

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The Effects of Violence
In the Media

“Someone just got shoot on the streets due to the violence in the media.” That is what some people are saying that violence in the media is the cause of that. The controversy of the effects that violence has on people has been going on for a long time. This paper is going to prove both sides of the controversy and let one decide which side is right.
Violence is on the news and on everyday action shows. Theses everyday shows are targeted for the kids of the world who are in the stages which are important for their lives. At this point in their lives the kids can make life changing decisions the violence on TV has some effects on that
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I can state that I watched a lot of violent TV shows when I was younger and I don’t see the world as being dark or sinister. One of the main reasons I believe that that happened is that my parents were able to talk to me and got me looking up at them. I am not sure what would have happened if I didn’t have my parents doing that when I was younger I could have been one of those statistics. Parents have just as much weight in their child’s life as the violence on TVs.
“Boys who watch more than 25 hours of television per week are significantly less likely to be aroused by real world violence than those boys who watch 4 hours or less per week.” If you see someone get bet up in front of you how would you react? I know if I saw someone getting hurt in real life I would try helping that person out. That isn’t due to the fact that I have seen a lot of violence on TV it’s because I am a caring person that likes to help out the needy. That is another fight that shows that if you are brought up by a caring family you could end up not acting violent. “Children are more likely to mimic positive behaviors — 87 per cent of kids do so.” This is proving that if you bring your children up properly then they won’t act violent but I don’t want to blame it all on the parents. The people that your kids hang out with also have a effect on how

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