The Effects of Violent Video Games on the Behavior of Adolescents and Young People

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Violent Video Games Introduction The debate about violent video games and whether or not those games influence the behavior of young people in particular, young boys has been going on for many years. There is no doubt that video games are very popular among pre-adolescents and adolescents. In fact, recent research in the New Hampshire Business Review (June, 2012) shows that 42% of the 300 boys that participated in a survey indicated they would rather play video games than play sports with other boys. In the survey (of boys eight to fourteen years of age) 84% of the 300 boys reported that they either quit or wanted to quit a sports team they were on because they "weren't having fun" (New Hampshire Business Review). Thesis: The research to be presented in this paper clearly and objectively indicates that adolescent boys that play violent video games frequently do in fact act out physically aggressive behaviors later in their lives. Body of the Paper Do violent video games have an effect on the mental processes of a young boy? A peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media looked into the process in which ""¦certain stimuli" can activate "ideas" that are directly linked to the stimuli within adolescents' minds (Chory-Assad, 2005, p. 1). The theory operating in this research is that thoughts are generated in an adolescent's mind that result from the "presentation of a certain stimulus." The concept of "priming" (a process during which certain
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