The Effects of WWI Essay

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Woodrow Wilson created the Fourteen Points in order to show what America wanted from the war. Out of the fourteen points, the first five were allotted towards bringing about general peace that would benefit economically and socially benefit the countries that fought in World War I. Wilson wanted to obtain peace for the Allies and “drive a wedge between the Kaiser's government and the German people by holding out to them the option of a humane and reasonable peace” (Brower). This intended to lead the Central Powers to agree with the Treaty of Versailles. Another objective of these points was to remove economic barriers for international trade and increase safety. Previously, the United States had dangerous experiences travelling by ship for…show more content…
The different factions of ethnicities in Austria-Hungary would all be self-governing under Wilson’s fourteen points, since most of them were discontent with being ruled by the same leader even though they did not feel as if they were part of the same nation (Brower). These eight points brought great change among several European nations. Wilson’s fourteenth point established the League of Nations, which ensured “political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike” (Brower). The League of Nations was intended for keeping peace and respecting the independence of other nations, but the concept of a league was controversial in the United States. The fourteen points served the purpose of forming peace, but America received mixed reactions on how other countries agreed with this. Wilson’s Fourteen Points did not work as they were intended for certain reasons. These points technically meant that Wilson, the American president, would be controlling foreign affairs in Europe that did not directly concern American citizens, such as borders of countries. Moreover, the Fourteen Points were equated to peace without victory, and the nations in the war obviously wanted victory, which is why they participated in the war. Although peace would be an ideal condition, few countries had the willingness to give up a victory. Most countries would rather lose the war after surrendering, than simply give up on the war and

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