The Effects of War on a Person Essay

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When asked how he felt about the deaths of 9 /11, Pablo Sequera , a 22 year old US army soldier in Iraq said "I wanted to bomb the fuck out of every single one of them towel heads". Now fighting in Iraq he says he has grown more sympathy and understanding toward Middle Eastern people. "Actually being up close, watching how they live every day in violence, has given me even more ambition to help them gain freedom" said Sequera. War will always change a person whether it's physically or mentally, a soldier never leaves the way he came in. The smells of gunfire, the loud ping of bullets bouncing off of metal, the vibrations of grenades exploding nearby, and the taste of their own fear climbing up into their throat will always remain close to…show more content…
It took Sequera 3 weeks to become totally use to his surrounding. After those 3 weeks he totally loved the army. "I love the rush of not knowing if I am going be alive for the next morning, and when I awake and see the bright sun shinning I know its all worth it. Sequera says when he is actually in combat , even after 3 years, he still " shits himself " . Sequera compares his experience in combat to having sex in a parent's car. " you know that u shouldn't be doing it but the rush you get from knowing that, makes it all the better". Sequeras Carroca-3 enlistment was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Sequera says "I thank God everyday for giving me the strength to enlist, if it wasn't for the army I would not be the person I am today. Before the army Sequera states that he was a stupid teenager without any direction in life. "The army has shown me a lot of discipline and meaning to my life" says Sequera. Sequera believes that every man should enlist in the army. Sequera says that the army is a great place to get to know oneself both phsically and mentally. "Everyday I learn something new about myself whether it's me learning how fast I am Capable of running to me learning how to cope with some one getting killed right in front of me". Although Sequera loves fighting for his country he also has a hard time coping with death and
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