The Effects of Watching Too Much Television

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Since the 60’s, television has become an essential part of the American lifestyle. It is very easy to find a TV almost anywhere. For example, the grocery store, gas station, restaurants, and even hospitals! There is always a screen playing some reality show, or informing people of the day’s weather. Without even noticing, people are taking in all of the light, sound, and pictures. After the whole day, people retire to their homes, only to continue the trend; staying up all hours of the night because it is impossible to not watch that last episode of “The Walking Dead”. Adults might be able to process this; however, infants and teenagers can take a whole other journey of problems because of it. Today in the 21st century, television has become one of the most widely practiced pass times in America; however, watching television excessively creates a negative effect on the body and mind.
Many people say that television is bad for human eyesight; that if people sit too close, they will go blind. There is both a little bit of truth, and a big myth to this. First off, television cannot make anyone go blind. The thought that sitting too close started back in the 1960’s because General Electric sold television sets that put out a large amount of radiation; 100,000 times greater than the safe limit. However, the televisions had to be quickly recalled and have not been a problem since (Mehring par. 1). The reality is that people can get eye strains and fatigue if they watch from odd
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