Essay on The Effects of World War One on British Women

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The Effects of World War One on British Women “Without The First World War British Women Would Not Have Gained The Right To Vote In 1918” I disagree with the statement that, if it were not for the War, women would never have gained the right to vote. Between 1900 and 1914 the many Female movements applied a vast amount of pressure on the Government. Making British women’s suffrage inevitability rather than a…show more content…
“It is important that women should have the vote so that, in the Government of the country, the women’s point of view can be put forward.” The supporters of Women’s suffrage argued that it was unfair not to allow women the vote. Obtaining the vote was part of Women’s striving for equality in modern society. Ultimately the vote was the most important, as it allowed women the right to vote on other forms of equality, such as wage rights and custodial rights. Due to the outbreak of War there was a truce between the Suffragettes and Government, and with the help of many female reformists like Pankhurst and Annie Kennie, the movement leaders rallied their followers and other women to aid in the war effort. ’What would be the good of the vote without a country to vote in.’ ”The answer was that the country was our country. It belonged to us and not to the Government, and we had the right and privilege, as well as the duty, to serve and defend it.” It was essential that on such a grand scale War those women took over the jobs of men, in order to keep the country from bankruptcy and supply the much-needed munitions. Women did not just take over the male factory work, but also the work of police and other essential jobs. Today this seems self evident that Women would have to
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