Essay about The Effects of a High Global Population

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“I would be absolutely astounded if population growth and industrialization and all the stuff we are pumping into the atmosphere hadn't changed the climatic balance. Of course it has. There is no valid argument for denial.” -David Attenborough
There has been a growing trend established with the growing population seen in hunger, warfare, and pollution: they are all rising. It is expected that earth’s population will rise to nine billion by 2050, and to ten billion by 2100. It can only be assumed that along with a higher population, more people will go hungry, more countries will go to war, and population will be the highest the world has ever seen. Pollution, hunger, and warfare have no exact date as to when they began. We do know,
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Everyone is simply too lazy to throw stuff away, and this is not a trend we could see ending anytime soon. The abundance of people will also lead to a surge in product demand. More items will need to be made, and more smog will be released into the atmosphere. People do not take the initiative to separate garbage from recycling, to reuse item such as water bottles several times, and to turn off the lights as they migrate into the next room. An increase in pollution is inevitable.
Hunger is another issue that will arise with a larger population. Crowd control can be achieved by simply building up instead of out, but that does not increase the amount of land that can be cultivated. Only about ten percent of each countries land is able to be used for farming, and they are using this land for cash crop such as cotton for money, or for cattle to graze upon. One out of six children who live in developing countries are underweight, about 100 million. If this many children are starving now while the population is at seven billion, how is this suppose to improve when it reaches nine billion? With an added two billion people entering the planet in the next thirty-four years, it is impossible to sustain them all.
Some people say that with more people, more potential solutions to these crises could be discovered, but this is wrong. What they do not realize that no amount of awareness is going to change people’s selfish behaviors until it is
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