Essay on The Effects of the Atomic Bomb

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The Effects of the Atomic Bomb

Some regard the atomic bomb as “the thank God for the atom bomb”. This places God on the U.S. side and regards the bombs as our saving grace. This bomb forced the Japanese to surrender which in turn proved the U.S. to be the heroes who saved the American’s lives.1 The Americans intended on ending the war but did not expect to end it with such a large number of casualties. The results of the atomic bomb and how it effected the Japanese people both emotionally and physically will be addressed. “The bombs marked both an end and a beginning—the end of an appalling global conflagration in which more than 50 million people were killed and the beginning of the nuclear arms race and a new world in which
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They thought this would be too offensive to World War II veterans.7 If we as Americans would just look further, beyond the picture-perfect ending to the war that we imagine in our minds, we might see the dehumanizing events that we ultimately caused the Japanese. Since we went about building the museum as a way of commemorating this event as a heroic war, the question is, what could we have made known with a serious look at the end of World War II.8

From the Japanese standpoint, their destiny began with two planes (pika) and an extraordinary sound (don). This great massacre killed millions but for those who survived, it left a traumatizing memory.9 “The foremost characteristic of the physical damages caused by the Nagasaki atomic bombing was the tremendous, instantaneous destruction wreaked by the blast wind and the subsequent fires”.10 According to researchers, it is claimed to be that the Japanese suffer from historical amnesia. They find it ultimately impossible to confront their past that would in turn bring back their horrifying memories caused by the atomic bomb.11 The Japanese are trying to come to some kind of understanding as to why the Americans allowed this bombing to occur. Some think it is nothing less than a war crime. The truth of the matter is that the bomb

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