The Effects of the Cold War on the Russian Economy

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The Effects of the Cold War on the Russian Economy

As we know now the cold war and the race of super- powers certainly had an influence on the Russian economy. Different historians argue a different time period for the cold war. Some of them say that the cold war has its roots in the causes of the first world war. Nevertheless for this essay it will be assumed the most common dates, with the start of the cold war in 1945. There were several reason and parties that caused the cold war to start. For example you could name the west's general fear of communism, and the soviet union's constant fear of being attacked. Now the question occurs, was the Cold War the ultimate reason that made the Russian
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It was not only his one way directed nationalistic views, but also his constant fear of capitalism , of being attacked and western living schemes in general , that wanted the heavy industry to recover, reconstruct an improve. Stalin's five year plan for the years between 1945 and 1950 stated that the heavy industry , in sectors such coal, iron and steel would improve it's outputs by more than 300 %. 8 In fact this more than optimistic plan of outputs for the year 1950 was reached and furthermore greater outputs than the plan had stated were achieved.

While heavy industry and rearmament were more than recovering and promoted by the last five-year plan, only very insignificant improvements were planned for the light industry, such as food. And even those expectations were not archived in a single sector, 9 that affected Russia's population in terms of living standards most. This first totally peaceful year 1946 proved to be a very difficult one. Severe droughts caused the slight improvements in outputs of agricultural products to shrink again. Many people and especially peasants in Ukraine were starving to death 10 as very few investments were made into the light industry sector which were immediate results of the relation between investments into heavy industry and into light industry was more and more getting out of balance.


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