The Effects of the Environment on Children Essay

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Essay 1: Family Systems Over the past hundred years, psychologists have conducted a vast amount of research on children, their development, and the factors that contribute to their healthy and successful development. Much of this research has focused on the child's behavior as an individual, or on the relationship between the parent and the child, and very little on the child as the product and component of a family system. While focusing on the individual child has its benefits, most behaviors exhibited by a child are a product of their environment combined with their personality; rather than the sole product of the child's individual personality. A child’s first environment is the environment introduced to them by their family.…show more content…
These characteristics are spirituality, commitment, communication, appreciation, spending time together, and coping skills. The surveyors found that spirituality is important because the parents felt that it was important to teach their children morality and what is right. Commitment is important because family members stayed with each other and worked things out. Parents who were committed to their marriage stayed together even when times became hard. Communication is important because each family member feels listened to and supported. Parents are flexible and willing to hear what their children have to say. Appreciation is important because each member of the family love, respects, and values the others. They look out for the good of the family. Families who spent time together, regardless of the activity, know each other better because they share about what is going on in each of their lives. Coping skills are important because the families knows how to deal with crisis, no matter how large or small it may be. They lean on one another for support and seek out ways to solve the crisis that they are facing (Sale, 2001). Each of these characteristics increases the balance and equilibrium within the family system, causing each member to work together smoothly. Matthews (1993), states that an unhealthy family system is caused by a lack of balance or equilibrium within the family. Many different things inside or
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