The Effects of the Internet on Society Essay

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The internet is the social, economic, and political tool of the new age. In its young age, it far surpasses the importance of other forms of communication, such as the telephone, telegraph, television, and newspaper. Not only is the medium capable of essentially eliminating those mediums, it will play an important role in the advancement of civilization. While the majority of issues surrounding the internet are positive, it is important to take a step back and look at what other side effects it has had on society, outside of a communication standpoint. Perhaps the biggest change has come to the political spectrum. The Internet has drastically alter the political landscape by positively increasing participation in political campaigns in …show more content…
Perhaps it's because of the sheer size- something that has always stifled newspapers and television producers. In a paper, there is a physical limit to the amount of information that can be displayed. On TV, there is a limit on the amount of time that every news agency struggles with. The internet, by contrast, is virtually limitless. This limitless environment results in "a positive effect of online news media...[on topics] such as candidate likes and dislikes and candidate issue stance knowledge (Dalrymple 104)". Dalrymple also commented that people who use the internet regularly tend "to make more connections between factual information and to create more 'big picture' ideas and abstract concepts (108)".This finding was not limited to one study. While Dalrymple studied the election in the United States, evidence exists in a study done by De Waal in the Netherlands actually had more compelling evidence. According to her study, "nonpaper news Web sites has a positive impact on the extent of one's agenda (DeWaal 168)."
Newspapers and news-oriented websites are not the only source of news. In real life, before the internet, before print media became popular, there was word of mouth and social networks that passed news around. People that couldn't read the paper ended up discussing contemporary issues with their friends in groups. While today's world isn't nearly as reliant on word of mouth for news, social networking has
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