Essay on The Effects that Culture Has on Others

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The Effects that Culture Has on Others

Through my years of growing up I have moved a lot and never realized I was exposed to so much culture until I reached my high school years at Linden. I find that in my adolescence years I was brought to accept other people for their skin color, religion, and their different opinion on things. Moving to Linden, I was the one of a few students who seemed to really know about different cultures and was able to embrace them. I saw how I was different compared to the students and quickly learned, its hard to see people not understand or embrace other cultures besides their own; when that was the way I was raised.

I began my life at Linden High when I moved to Linden from Dearborn. Dearborn,
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It is hard levels to deal with, to grasp their new concepts, to believe in what they say when you grew up with knowledge of another.

This was a new way of life almost the “All American White World” with no differences or diversity. It’s strange to know so much more of the outside world having various multicultred friends, I almost felt ahead in knowledge. Though, in fact I was a bit more of a minority here. I wasn’t the only one though. I became best friends with Amanda who was also a new student who just the same as me didn’t understand this new nondiverse world. We found that we had many things in common that weren’t common in Linden, but in the vast multicultural world around Detroit. I had her and she had me, and we both thought how weird it was to be friends with people who looked and acted like us, but did not understand of how much more we knew and they had no clue. Meaning in these terms how they know of some sports, music, but didn’t know of culture issues of Hispanics, Arabians, African American, others and some had never even experienced gay people. Our surrounding of people looked the same, but did not know concepts of accepting ideas of skin tone, language, or racial stereotypes.

The toughest thing to realize in Linden, is for how smart these people are, they have had no true grasp on real outside world bases. Their knowledge seem to lesson because of how they acted towards other
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