The Effects that Neville Bonner Had on the Land Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal Australians

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am here to discuss the effects that Neville Bonner had on the land rights and freedoms of aboriginal Australians. Australia has a history of discrimination. This is proven by the amount of effort it took to change the rights of indigenous Australians. One of the most effective aboriginal Australian’s was Neville Bonner, who I will speak about today. Neville Bonner had a significant impact on the rights and freedoms of indigenous peoples due to his involvement in parliament and his determination to live freely as an aboriginal. We will discuss throughout the speech Neville’s background and childhood, the changes he made to the rights of aboriginal peoples and who they impacted, as well as why he decided to make a difference to the lives of aborigines. Neville didn’t have the average life growing up, he was even born under a palm tree due to the indigenous population having to be out of the towns before sunset. This prevented his mother attending the town’s hospital which led to his mother giving birth to him under a palm tree. (Government, 2014) This was just one of the many rules presented to indigenous people at the time which made their life almost impossible to live. After his mother died, he and his brother moved in with their grandparents. Neville hadn’t gone to school until him and his family moved to Brisbane between the ages of 14 and 15. He had only had a formal education of around a year and had to attend to the only
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