The Effects that Sea Level Rise Will Have on Humans

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Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Overview. Sea level rise is a growing issue that is currently affecting the world as we know it. Due to the continually rising of greenhouse gases emissions in many continents across the world, it has now faced us with this significant problem. As these greenhouse emissions are being released into the atmosphere and damaging it, it results in the prolonged effect in the rise of global temperatures in which results in the devastating issue that has affected many countries in the 21st century. Climate change and the effects of it now have a clear interaction with each other and now is becoming a reality in the scientific world. Recent reports from the world’s scientific community have shown that human activities are one of the main causes and are responsible for global warming, global climate change and sea level rise (IPCC). These are due to various human activities, where the ultimate result is global warming, leading to the rise in sea level. Due to these causes responsible for these dramatic changes in the global environment, they are expected to continue increasing in both temperature and sea level rise during the current century and beyond unless a significant change is made in the terms of global warming in the coming years (Church et al., 2006). Rising temperatures in the globe causes the sea level to rise and this is one of the main problems that low lying coastal areas, such as Galway City, affects by the overflow of the sea inland and
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