The Efficiency Of Human Resource Management Department

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The efficiency of human resource management department is improved. The main factors that affect the work efficiency of human resources management department include: monthly payroll calculation and processing, staff attendance and leave processing, employee information management, etc.. These transactions tend to continue to occupy a large number of human resource management personnel. Manual operation is not only inefficient and error prone, the application of information technology in the management of human resources, will greatly reduce the routine work occupies the proportion of human resource managers to time, freed from the daily affairs of the management personnel. Information technology emphasizes employee self-service, if the employee 's personal information has changed, he himself can be through the information technology platform to update their information, after a certain approval, the program can take effect. Similarly, for the training, holiday applications, reimbursement and other day-to-day administrative affairs can also be used for similar processing. This not only reduces the workload of human resources management for data acquisition, validation and update, but also to ensure the quality of the data and data update speed. This greatly improves the work efficiency of human resources management department, and thus can have more time to think about the problem of strategic level.
Business processes in the human resource management department are
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