The Efficiency Of Stock Market Essay

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2.1 Efficiency of Stock Market In the Stock Market, More number of efficiency is studied. Weak form efficiency of Indian capital market studies are supported.(Prusty , 2007 ; Mittal and Jain , 2009).Weak form efficiency of Indian capital market do not support by researcher (Pandey , 2003 ; Mishra , 2009). Weak form of efficiency does not rejected. In the Financial System stock market is very important Factor. In stock index future ,there is no significant volatility effect. A volatility index is for very short term volatility. 2.2 Volatility of Stock Market: There are two thought of Market Stock Volatility. One thought is that arbitrage or speculation, Stock Market improves the market efficiency and reduces volatility. Other thought Introduction of future Trading add both derivatives and stock market. There are proponents is “Market completion” or “Stabilizing Forces” hypothesis. 2.3 Review of Literature of Foreign:- Year Author Country Variable under study Data collection Exchange Research Period Statistical test Result 2008 Jobst (2008) USA Emerging Market (DV) And Equity Capital (IV) Global exchange data Emerging market Exchange Period 4 years - Market stable 2011 Ntim , Opong and Danbolt , Dewotor (2011) United Kingdom Stock Market (DV) and stock Price (IV) Website African National Stock Exchange Period of 7 years Variance ratio test Economic growth have a positive impact 2012 Gahlot and Datta (2012) BRIC Weak form of effeciency (DV) and future
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