The Ego And The Integration Of Violence In Homicidal You Summary

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“The Ego and the Integration of Violence in Homicidal You”

The New York State Division of Youth Deputy Director, Charles H. King, researches the potential causes of homicidal tendencies youth, hoping to find a more reliable method of rehabilitation treatment, in his essay, “The Ego and the Integration of Violence in Homicidal You,” published in 1975. During the early 1970s, America was seeing a rapid increase of youth that were displaying intense acts of violence, and even homicide. In an attempt to understand the potential causal factors that lead to violence in youths, and intern develop a treatment method for the afflicted children, The New York State Department of Youth was tasked in preforming a study to define these two parameters. For the study nine random children who had displayed extreme acts of homicidal violence were selected to represent the dependent variables. The average age of the group was about fourteen, with three of the children being African American, two of the children being Puerto Rican, and the final four children being Caucasian. Each child had bean randomly assigned to the research study purely on the bases that they had committed acts of homicide at a young age. The first stages of the study were based around an exploratory design, as the researchers that that point only intended to discover the potential causes for the violent behavior, with the hypotheses being that the act of homicide serving the same psychological purpose for all the children, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. To begin the study each of the nine children received a background check, psychiatric evaluation, and subsequently an IQ test. Expectedly each of the children had come from home that displayed a heavy drinking atmosphere, an abusive relationship with one or both of the parents, and parents guilty of neglect. But the results of to the psychiatric evaluation were not what the researchers had expected. During the evaluation portion of the study each of the children were test for psychosis. Only one of the nine children however, met the criteria required to be diagnosed as psychotic. But each child did show a belief that their parents, and others around them were afraid of them, and were out to get

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