The Egyptian Belief Of Gods

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Egyptian Belief in Gods The ancient Egyptians had constructed a thriving autonomous society between 5500 BC to 30 BC. This society was able to construct numerous technological and social advancements that allowed them to thrive socially and economically. Egyptian gods also played a role in society. Ancient Egyptians believed in these gods through climate, religion, and historical events. Ancient Egyptians believed in gods through the climate. According to K.E. Carr, “Ancient Egyptians lived in an area near the Sahara Desert.” The climate in the area consisted of hot and dry summers with cold nights. The dry climate caused ancient inhabitants to settle in modern day Egypt due to the Nile River. According to a geological expert, “The Nile…show more content…
Instead, their seasons were consisted on the basis of when was the optimum time to plant their crops and cultivate the land. One expert points out that, “Between June and September in a season the Egyptians called akhet” (Seawright). This was not an optimum time for harvesting because the lands were all flooded from the Nile waters and people tended to stay indoors due to the high tide of the waters. The remaining seasons consisted of, according to a researcher, “peret (growing), and shemu (harvesting)” (Seawright). During the growing season, the Egyptians used different forms of irrigation in order to grow the crops more efficiently. Followed by the growing season, came the harvest season. The Egyptians would cultivate the land from what they had grown in order to feed their families as well as to make offerings. They made offerings to the pharaoh in hopes of future success in farming and with the flood waters, as well as to the multiple gods that they worshiped such as Hapi. They gave offerings to him in hopes that he would once again allow the Nile to flood again to allow the farmers to have another successful attempt at harvesting and providing for the many inhabitants that lived in the Nile River Basin. Climate was only the first aspect that ruled. Religion also played in integral role in the Ancient Egyptians beliefs. In truth, Egyptians tried to do everything they could to please the many gods they worshiped because they believed that these gods were
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