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John Macias ID #90131885 The Egyptian Emporium URL: For my blog review I decided to go with The Egyptian Emporium blog by Gemma Ellen Wood. This blog centers on Egyptian archaeology and particularly focuses and discuses Egyptian museum artifacts, mummies and tombs. The author of the blog is Gemma Ellen Wood, a post graduate with a Masters of Arts in Ancient Egyptian Culture and first class honors degree in Egyptology and on the pursuit for her PhD. From her blog posts it seems as though her intended audience for the blog is between amateurs and students but leaning more towards students as it seems the blogs are for academic purposes as she is reviewing and evaluating known artifacts, demonstrating although she is pursuing her PhD, she is not using it as a means to further her own level of degree as she is not making her own discoveries and using the blog as a means to publish her findings. The material is presented to the audience as reviews of past Egyptian discoveries such as tombs, describing their importance and what made them so unique and different mummies, not only of the Pharaohs but of others including a priest and a great royal wife. The first blog post I want to discuss is titled “Tuesday Tomb-KV2”. This post covers Egyptology as it focuses around the history and design of the tomb of Ramesses the IV. The tomb is a little over 3000 years old and located in the Valley of the Kings. Although the tomb was completed it is

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