The Egyptian Feminist Union Essay

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In both pictures, in 1919 and in 2011, a unified demand of being liberated is portrayed and the rebellion of women is at its height. Firstly in 1919 with Zaghloul, the wife of a national leader Saad Zaghloul, was one of the most powerful women of her period. She was She led on that fateful day in May, a demonstration with more than 500 women and opened her house for the Wafd Party. Her husband had been exiled several times, during which she was considered the “Mother of the Egyptians”. After her husband 's return he became Prime Minister and she continued to play an active role in politics even after his death until the party split and she refused to take sides in disputes. Thriving for a more “equal” Egypt, Hoda Shaarawi the founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union, fought for a greater female presence in the public sphere. A presence that was highlighted by Nabaweya Moussa who was the first female headmaster. Politically however, egypt saw the rise of young activists like Mounira Thabet who spoke out against the government and declared in her magazine “Al-amal” the issue of women’s suffering and the governmental restrictions in the patriarchal society of 1922. A year in which Egypt achieved its unilateral declaration of independence under Saad Zaghloul. When it became authoritarian and drafted its new constitution however, it failed in women’s eyes as it for instance, excluded them from the right to vote, a point of ignition for the feminist movements in egypt.
During the
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