The Egyptian Kingdom Of The Pharaohs

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Religion is one of the oldest creations that man has had, it’s a clear representation that humankind will always seek for knowledge beyond what one can see. Depending on what part of the world you are from and what your culture has shown you is where your beliefs are held. These beliefs are what have been passed down from bloodline to bloodline and have made religion flourish in the world. One of the oldest religious beliefs originated in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian kingdom of the Pharaohs were divided into thirty-one dynasties and lasted from 3100 through 323 BCE. In this religion Pharaohs were treated as Gods because according to ancient prophets their ancestor were the Sun God RE. As God-kings, the pharaoh could not be destroyed, even by death.This claim that Pharaohs were immortal was reinforced when Egyptians discovered how to mummify bodies. As era’s went by manuals were produced in order to give guidance to future generations on how to do proper mummifications and one of the most famous one’s being the Egyptian book of the dead. It’s actually quite remarkable how such an old culture could develop this high technological processes of proper burial to keep the dead intact even till this day. The way they kept all their research intact and books well preserved truly shows how intelligent they were. Furthermore, another well-kept ancient religion is Hinduism. Though Hinduism was given it’s name in the 1800’s in order to describe the broad range of religions in India.…
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