The Egyptian Movie Industry Analysis

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Egyptian Movie
The Egyptian movie industry is over one hundred years old putting into consideration it began in 1896. In January 1896, Promio, a Lumiere photographer, visited the country to create short films and showed it showed the Egyptians. By 1908, the country had ten movie houses, three of them in Alexandria and five in Cairo. As more Egyptians viewed the films, they started to become interested in the art of filmmaking. The first Egyptian films by an Egyptian were made in 1912 by Abdel Rahman Salheya after hiring outside technicians. In 1927, Layla became the first full length but silent movie in the country. In the 1980s, film production in Egypt started decreasing. However, the latest trend in the Egyptian movie industry seems to be giving it a bad name. In 2014, it was argued that Egyptian films bore a close resemblance to those from Hollywood (Meky, 2014).
Rushdy Abaza was an Egyptian actor who was born in August 1926 and passed away in July 1980. He is regarded as among the most charming actors that have appeared in Egyptian films. Adel Adham is another famous Egyptian actor who was born in March 1928 and passed away in February 1996. He is remembered for portraying ambiguous and evil characters. Lobda Abdel Aziz is an Egyptian actress who was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1935. She is married and has two daughters. Nermin AL-Faqy is another Egyptian actress who was born in June 1972. Ash Atalla is an Egyptian working as a British television producer. He has produced
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