The Egyptian Pharaoh

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Oppositely, the Egyptian pharaoh won many, if not all, of his campaigns. He did not have create lies to raise moral amongst his men, nor did he need to consistently rally his people that they will never surrender. Instead, he became an innovative military tactician, learning how to use chariots more effectively than others within the region and how to establish strong naval ships to transport a large military force cheaply and quickly. It is through his strategies that Egypt was able to become a powerhouse in the civilized world of the time again. Within Thutmose III’s years of reign, he was able to bring the Egyptian military to form with the best technology of the time, besting the nations that had originally defeated Egypt under his father’s rule. The next few topics will look at comparing the two rulers, looking into what made them similar. What this section is mainly looking into are how they were treated by their people, what they did for Egypt long term, as well as their view of outsiders as rulers within Egypt. These topics are looking at what would consider people to consider any of the past three Egyptian dictators, specifically Nasser, a modern pharaoh. For Nasser, there are two groups that give an idea of how this man had complete power of Egypt, and he could do almost anything he wanted with little resistance. The first is the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC), was a group within the Free Officers that managed everything the organization did. Once
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