The Egyptian Pharohs and Temples

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Pharaohs or the king-gods spent enormous time, energy and wealth to build the temples and their tombs for one and the same reason. During their life they commanded unlimited power over their dominion. They were portrayed as gods and they enjoyed unquestioned loyalty from everyone from their kingdom as well as respect from abroad. As in any kingdom, one person cannot do everything by himself or herself. Usually they have a team of advisors and staff taking care of smaller chores for the boss. In case of the pharaohs, their priests took care of majority of affairs. In order to accomplish that, the pharaohs built enormous temples where to impress the people and project their god power to the priests. In exchange priests would keep crowds in line with pharaohs needs and wants for whatever was the current agenda. The priest’s task was to instill and uphold the belief in pharaohs divine source. In this case spending enormous amount of time, energy and money on temple was assuring never-ending power of the ruler and for them it was everything they cared for. Subsequently, the pharaoh’s belief that after departure from this earthly body, they will still be ruling their kingdom in afterlife. Therefore they have built the enormous tombs and stored their wealth in there to have it in spirit world. In a sense they were preparing to move from one place to another and they wanted to take as much as they could to their new kingdom in eternal life. For them, as they

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