The Egyptian Religion And Religion

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Ancient Egyptians had a history that flourished for three thousand years before fading from existence around the time existence around the time of the roman invasion. They created a culture so rich and diverse, that its influence still affects today’s western world. The ancient Egyptians were polytheistic in nature and the rich polytheistic culture and rituals shaped their daily life, art, religious beliefs, funerary practices and kingship. The ancient Egyptian religion is centered on deities and overtime, their religious belief which influenced their whole existence changed based on the rise and fall of important gods in control of the forces and elements of nature. The Egyptian religion was shaped by the polytheistic view of the universe. A belief in polytheism determined the belief in gods, death and magic. This essay focuses on the religious practices while also drawing a comparison with the Christian religion which has monotheistic view of the world.
Every empire has a creation story, narrating the origin of the universe and the creation of humanity. For Christians, according to Genesis, heavens and the earth was created by God out of darkness. God alone created all that was good in seven days and on the last day he created man. From Man he created Woman, who went forth to multiply and populate the earth. On the other hand, Egyptians as a result of their polytheistic nature possessed many creation stories based on the cult of the god in Egypt. There often were myths
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