The Egyptian Syrian Attack Of September 1973

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Assess the reasons for Israel’s unpreparedness for the Egyptian Syrian attack of October 1973
The Egyptian Syrian attack that took place on Yon Kippur is a hugely significant event in the history of the Arab Israeli conflict. Often referred to as ‘the trauma’, the attack revealed a number of key issues with regards to Israeli defence and intelligence that ultimately resulted in a severe lack of preparation. Israel was unprepared for a plethora of interlinking issues that resulted in a series of fatal mistakes with regard to intelligence and military preparedness. With regards intelligence, an entrenched and overconfident conviction in ‘the Concept’ blinded the Israeli’s to the concrete evidence and forewarnings of the Egyptian Syrian mobilization. The ingenuity of the Egyptian’s was also crucial to Israeli unpreparedness, especially the deployment of the almost certain double agent - Ashraf Marwan.
The ‘Concept’ is the first significant reason why Israel was grossly unprepared for the attack - she did not expect it and this was blunder of her own making. Upon official investigation into the errors of Israeli preparation, the 1975 Agranat Commission highlighted Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate – Aman - had ‘persistently adhered’ to a single incorrect ‘Concept’ regarding Egypt’s attack capabilities, disregarding other key intelligence as a result. This ‘Concept’ was that Egypt would not wage war on the Israeli’s before she had, firstly, acquired long range attack
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