The Eight Stages Of Personality Growth

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The purpose of this paper is to focus on two of the eight stages of personality growth. Erik Erikson an ego psychologist created a theory on personality development evolution that states it is a continuous process through the lifetime of an individual. Erikson suggested culture also plays an essential role in a society 's perception and consideration of normal and considered abnormal. Erikson (1950, 1963), does not speak about psychosexual Stages as Freud, though influenced Freudian ideas. Erikson broadens on Freudian thoughts by focusing on acclimatize and creative characteristic of the ego, and escalating the stages of personality development to progress throughout the entire life. Erik taught the ego develops as it successfully resolves predicaments that are distinctly social. Erikson suggested that the human development process functions by a series of stages, which defined as the epigenetic principle of development. The beginning level of psychosocial development, is developing trust and it is an ongoing process, we respond to the crisis of helplessness and dependency by building up a sense of trust or a sense of misgiving. Trust, the more adaptive, desirable way of coping, is obviously the healthier psychological attitude. However, each of us must also cultivate some degree of mistrust as a type of protection from becoming gullible. Erikson believes the first psychosocial crisis occurs during the first year (corresponding to Freud 's oral stage of
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