Essay on The Eight Steps of Genocide

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Throughout history, genocides can be seen as completely different from one another. With country dealing with their own population of people and purpose of killings, connections can be failed to seen between the growing number. Although, what is failed to be associated is the eight stages that each genocide must, and has gone through to carry out a plan of destruction. Meaning, each genocide may not closely follow the steps, but are similar to one another. An example that follow steps can be clearly seen between the Cambodian genocide of 1975-1979 and the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Through: symbolization, organization, preparation, and extermination, we are able to see the similarities between Cambodia and Rwanda in the eight steps …show more content…
The next step used was organization which was one of the biggest steps in order of carrying out the plan of the murders. The organization of a genocide doesn’t have to be formal, but instead is mostly decentralized or informal. In Rwanda the form of organization was through the media, mostly using the radio. One example is when Rusesabagina says, “I wanted to stop listening to STLM, but I couldn’t. In fact, when I think back on what we all heard on RTLM in those strange slow-motion months before April 1994 it seems impossible that we could not have known what was coming,” (Rusesabagina, 53). SImilar to Rwanda, Cambodia also used organization, but this time their method was gaining control of the government. This is quoted as, “heir organization involved plans to take control of the government as well as how to rid the country of Vietnamese, foreign influence, and "enemies" who needed to be re-educated (murdered),” (Cambodia: Anatomy of a Genocide). Each group used their own method of gaining control and persuading the people of the country. Yet, each used the same steps of control and gained the control they needed to carry out their plans. A huge step that was taken was the polarization of the people. This occurs when extremists attempt to intensify the distance between groups. In this stage, the Rwandans were effected through the
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