The Einsatzgruppen Were Essentially Mobile Killing Units

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The Einsatzgruppen were essentially mobile killing units. Each member of the Einsatzgruppe was a part of the SS. Their goal was to execute the first part of Hitler’s Final Solution. Hitler wanted everyone that was politically and racial enemies of the Third Reich killed. The Einsatzgruppen carried out the killings in the new German territory that was conquered during the war.(Einsatzgruppen) They would go through each town and find who they considered enemies of Germany. This would include communist, intellectuals and of course Jews. Thier goal was to establish a political order over the new conquered territory. Some local citizens helped. Then they would ship or march them a couple mile out of town and massacre the people. The…show more content…
They would then pick out the few they need for work prisoners. For the others they would tell them to give up all their belongings and tell them to strip down. They would then line them up about a hundred at a time and shoot them int into the trenches which the Soviet prisoners had dug up. After they were all dead they put a layer of sand on the bodies and let the next hundred come. While the victims were waiting for their death they didn’t see what was happening ,but did hear the gunfire. One reason the Einsatzgruppen failed was because obviously people didn’t agree with what they did. Soldiers part of the Wehrmacht, which was the was the German army, were in denial that Germany wanted this to happen. They were told that Jews were the enemies of Germany. Few tried to protested what was happening to their superior officers, but obviously nothing would stop it. Citizens of these town were told the same thing that this was what needed to be done. Even with all the propaganda, it wasn’t enough because people couldn’t tell themselves that this was right. The people who strongly disagreed with the Einsatzgruppen didn’t say anything because they could easily become one more victim for them.(SS Einsatzgruppen) These shootings also caused much stress on the soldiers of the Einsatzgruppen. Some soldiers would have breakdowns and were unable to carry out their duties. Some soldiers would remember the cries from the women and
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