The Elaine Race Riots '

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The Elaine Race Riots The Elaine Race Riot can be even said as the Elaine massacre that had taken place on September 30, 1919, in Elaine in Phillips County, Arkansas, in the Arkansas Delta. The fight started when around 100 African Americans, commonly black farmers on the farms of white landlords joined a consultation of the Progressive Farmers and the Household Union of America at a church in Hoop Spur, the Phillips County that was three miles north of Elaine. The assembly was managed by Robert Hill; he was the organizer of the Progressive Farmers and the Household Union of America. The main goal of the meeting was that one of the numerous black sharecroppers in the Elaine area during the former months was achieving better payments for their cotton crops from the white farm owners who conquered the area during the Jim Crow’s era. The poor Black sharecroppers were frequently browbeaten in their hard work to collect payment for their cotton crops. The whites didn’t like that the blacks were receiving a higher amount of wages than them, so the whites attacked such consolidation that was done by blacks, and the two groups swapped firing into the night. The two white men procured it upon themselves to show up, one was a deputy sheriff, and the other was a railroad employee who attended it. It was all after that, that the combat had taken place. The escorts who were standing shot one of the white men. It resulted in the death of one of the white officers. A black executor
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