The Elder Woman Interviewee For A Health Plan Organization

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Introduction The Elder Woman interviewee for this paper is 70 years old, Caucasian, single, and lives alone. The woman reports that she is divorced and has two children that are grown, married, and has grandchildren from both of them. The woman reports that she gets along very well with her ex husband because it is the best situation for the children. Her son lives close but her daughter lives in another state and keeps in contact with her frequently. She currently works as a Care Manager for a health plan organization. The woman reports that her daily routine is rather structured. She works the typical Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Every morning she has a routine. The woman gets up very early and feeds her animals,…show more content…
The main theme that is identified is the capability to complete tasks without assistance, the freedom to make decisions for themselves, and the will to do whatever they want. These elements enhance quality of life and the determinants of quality of life are dependent upon health and financial means (Bowling, 2007). Driving is one of those important factors shared in the book and the first thing mentioned by the woman interviewed. Transportation allows her the freedom to participate and engage in activities that she chooses on a daily basis.
The woman shares her major challenge with arthritis in her back. She reports being diagnosed two years ago. The woman reports that before she was diagnosed she would deal with a significant amount of pain in her back, limiting her ability to complete small tasks. She would often ask for help from her son. Her son would go grocery shopping and carry all her groceries, consequently her back pain limited her to what she could pick up. The woman reports that her arthritis is better now than in the beginning because she gets cortisone shots that are anti inflammatory.
The book on Ageing Well indicate the emotional and physical effects to barriers and challenges of illness, poor financial means, and unsupportive family dynamics. Illness and poor physical health interferes with a person 's independence and can be damaging to self esteem, feelings of autonomy, and overall
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