The Elderly : Old People

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The elderly. Old people. Senior citizens. These are all three different ways to represent one group of human beings. A younger, more naive version of myself would have viewed these people as grumpy, sedentary, helpless, or narrow-minded. The list goes on. It may come across that I have something against old folk, but I do not; that is not the point. The point is that I was generalizing an entire group of people based on preconceptions were psychologically embedded in me from fifteen years’ worth of external influences. However, my experiences with Mr. Nathan Glasser, who was a resident at Meadow Lakes Senior Center, opened my eyes to the role of stereotypes and their effects on a human being. This ingrained discrimination against the elderly, which is referred to as ageism, comes from a variety of different sources: books, movies, television shows, friends, and family. Common clichés in books and movies include that typical old, white man screaming, “Get off my lawn!” in a raspy voice while shaking his fist in the air. Ever since I was a young girl, the media has been portraying old people as cranky buzz kills. This is especially evident in one of my favorite movies, “The Sandlot”. The kids in the movie lose an incredibly valuable baseball, so they go to extreme lengths to retrieve it. After the climax, the kids find out that they could have just asked the old man to get it for them, but they were afraid since they thought that the man was menacing. Being a popular…

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