The Election Of 1980 : President Jimmy Carter

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The election of 1980 was one that could parallel the election of 2016 in regards to one of the candidates had a colorful background that was not necessarily political, most voters disliked both of their choices for president, and the race began with many Republican hopefuls in the primaries. The election was between the current Democratic President Jimmy Carter and the governor of California, and former movie star, Ronald Reagan. And the race to the Whitehouse would be filled with lots of talking but little debating, ending in one of the lowest voter turnouts in history, but one of the largest margins of victory in the electoral college. The incumbent of the election of 1980 was James “Jimmy” Carter. Born October 1, 1924 in Plains Georgia, Carter had a much more traditional route to the presidency than his opponent Ronald Reagan. Carter was a well educated man and is even considered one of the smartest presidents in United States history (Simonton). Jimmy Carter attended Georgia Southwest College, then Georgia Institute of technology and finally the U.S Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. After training at the Naval Academy Carter began “a seven year career in the US Navy, serving submarine duty for five years” (“Jimmy Carter). When returning from the Navy he began his political career by serving on the local board of education. The next step on the road to president was serving on the Georgia state Senate. Carter won the election for State Senate as a Democrat in 1962
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