The Election Of A New President

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The election of a new president can shift the policies of the United States in different directions. From 2009 to 2017, Barrack Obama and his administration used a liberal, globalist approach to foreign policy and domestic policy. Obama involved the United States in global affairs and in treaties with other states. The election of President Donald Trump reversed the globalist, liberal policies the U.S. had pursued for 8 years. President Trump has shown and stated that he supports an isolationist and realist approach to foreign policy. Therefore, President Trump has made campaign statements on defense, terrorism, trade, national security, and immigration that subscribes to the realist paradigm.
Throughout the 2016
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. The budget increase for the DOD was 9 percent (52 billion dollars), in addition to a 7 percent (2.8 billion dollars) increase in funding to the Department of Homeland Security (Soffen and Lu). This budget increase is to help accomplish the goals President Trump outlined on the campaign trail as mentioned previously. However, this change did not come without costs to other departments such as a 31 percent decrease in budget for the EPA and a 29 percent decrease in the State Department’s budget. The action taken toward the budget and defense spending shows evidence that president Trump subscribes to the realist paradigm and believes that the self-interests and protection of the state is the most important thing compared to environmental protection and other liberal ideals.
The issue of illegal immigration and the magnitude that occurs in the United States was an issue voters cared about in the 2016 election. Throughout the campaign, President Trump made controversial remarks about Mexico and Mexicans. President Trump stated that he would build a wall along the southern border of Mexico, deport over eleven million illegal immigrants, deny citizen ship to children born by illegal immigrants inside the United States, and increasing border security. First, President Trump is working on developing a plan for the wall and securing funding from Congress

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