The Election Of President Obama

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"Shellacked", "thumpin", "ass-whuppin"; use whatever term you want but following Tuesday 's epic win by the Republicans in the midterms one thing is clear: politics in America has changed.

What is not yet clear is if that change is something that is permanent or just a fleeting fancy that will stabilize in two years. Democrats surely hope that Tuesday night was not a sign of a changing electorate but a sign of what happens to a president 's party in a midterm election. If they believe that, if they approach recovering from this defeat as such, if they do not learn from their many, many mistakes in 2014 then the Democrats will surely lose again.

President Obama had certainly learn from the mistakes of his party and from history if he wishes to get his presidency back on track during the two years he has left.

Judging from his press conference on Wednesday, it seems the president has yet to realize the consequence of what happened on Tuesday evening. It is true that two-thirds of Americans chose not to vote. An argument can be made that the Democrats who ran from his (and, in most cases, their) record and even from whether or not they voted for him while serving as an Obama delegate at the 2012 convention, were cowards. It is true that the Republican candidates chose not to highlight specific policy proposals and instead used fear tactics and made every race, not about their district or state, but about the president. It is true that the Democrats had a horrific…
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