The Election Of The 2016 Presidential Election

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In the midst of the 2016 presidential election things were starting to heat up all around the country. Trump had been announced as the republican presidential candidate and Clinton for the democrats. The only question that I was contemplating on was what’s going to happen to my ethnic group now that our very first black president was leaving office? One thing that I did know for sure was that the police and the African-American community were still at odds. So with little hope left for the future of my very own children, I began to pull myself together after watching the morning news and started getting ready for my 10:00 class. The day was just like it had been in the past with the same routine of me departing at the same time and…show more content…
Most police officers are just trying to protect and serve — they would never consider discriminating against another person due to their race, and they try to responsibly deescalate situations whenever possible instead of resorting to violence. However, there are problems endemic to law enforcement culture, and many institutionalized problems that affect the work police do. No matter how good a police officer tries to be, it’s hard to make the world a better place while working from within an imperfect system. Law enforcement is something society will always need, and we are grateful to those who protect and serve, but the current system has issues it needs to address.
Class is over and I have to do some work for a class project which is now due in eight days. As I’m leaving campus I realize that I have to swing by the library and begin doing research. So, I’m about two or three miles away from campus still wearing my student identification badge and notice that a police car is following closely. I’m not worried at all because I’m a model citizen and a loyal taxpayer. In a brief moment I started thinking, what would happen if I get pulled over and how would this officer and I react to the situation. The thought quickly leaves my mind and I begin to notice that he’s about to pull me over right here in downtown Griffin. As I look up into my rearview mirror I noticed that
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